12 Suggestions for Travel Agencies in Using Social Media

12 Suggestions for Travel Agencies in Using Social Media

Unless people have been completely off the grid, travel deep in the Amazon jungle, or drifting the dunes of the empty quarter for the previous ten decades, they know that social networking is a communications and marketing bonanza for travel consultants. But social media isn’t one size fits all. Each stage has its community civilization, posting protocol, and Picture size specifications. Below are a few suggestions for travel agencies about how best to efficiently utilize three popular social networking stations. To develop social media pages, try to buy likes.


If simply have enough time and tools to be busy on a single social networking platform, Facebook is the one to select. The majority of customers and prospective customers are already there, which makes it ripe for creating a busy Facebook neighborhood around the trip brand.

  • Post drool-worthy pictures of amazing destinations to inspire travel.
  • Share ideas and suggestions to set up a brand as a knowledge resource.
  • Ask questions and extend surveys to find out about the neighborhood.
  • Use Facebook advertisements to promote exciting journey offers. Produce customized viewers of the current customer list and utilize Facebook’s powerful advertising targeting options to achieve prime prospective customers.


Twitter is a lightning-speed societal channel best for accessing up-to-the-second information, trend spotting, and providing or asking customer support,  all in 140 characters or not. It is a fantastic platform for boosting original content because shares and likes propagate articles far beyond the current network.

  • Share links to blog articles, infographics or white newspapers to obtain Klout as a professional and induce users to site.
  • Participate in a few of the numerous regularly scheduled group traveling talks to grow neighborhoods and build relationships with travel providers.
  • Keep promotional sales or offers for less than 20 percent of tweets. Twitter is much more about conversation than simply selling.
  • Include one or two applicable hashtags on each tweet to create it 33 percent more likely to be retweeted, and join a relevant photo for up to 313 percent more involvement.


If a photo is worth a thousand words, then the photo-sharing program Instagram may be an epic story to receive followers dreaming about amazing travel destinations. In reality, 48 percent of Instagram users rely on Instagram to locate a new travel destination.

  • Post just high-quality images that will captivate your followers. Steer clear of stock photographs and fuzzy pictures.
  • Share pictures from the staff’s personal travel to underline the advisor’s individual experience, and business events to humanize their brand.
  • Expand reach by implementing trending hashtags. Use up to 30 related hashtags to create articles visible and searchable to other people employing the same hashtag.
  • For efficacy, schedule articles together with Hootsuite or Buffer. Instagram does not permit those programs to automatically place, but may set up everything beforehand, then place with a few taps on a mobile phone.

Other programs that are a fantastic match for travel agencies comprise Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Snapchat. Plus there are more than 200 more niche social media networking!

Travel agents cannot work them so recognize those where target customers are busy, and then simply create as many stations as they’ve got time to perform well. Having a single dynamite community is far better than turning wheels to handle channels and receiving little to no participation in any of these.