Facts About Uganda

Facts About Uganda


Here are some interesting facts about Uganda which were chosen and researched especially for youths.

1. Uganda is one of the foremost densely populated countries in Africa with a population of 45 million.

2. Uganda has the world’s youngest population! The median age in Uganda is 15.7 years.

3. The capital city of Uganda is Kampala. With about 3.3 million inhabitants, Kampala is additionally the country’s largest city.

4. Kampala’s nickname is ‘City of Seven Hills. The name Kampala originates from the local Buganda name ‘K’empala’ that refers to Capitol Hill of the Impala’, a reputation given to the colonial settlement by nation.

5. Uganda is an independent republic since 1963. On 14 January 2021 elections befell in Uganda, with popular Ugandan musician Bobi Wine challenging the re-election of Museveni.

6. The legal holiday of Uganda, a national holiday (from the UK) is widely known on 9 October.

7. Uganda may be a fertile land with volcanic soil and plenty of lakes and rivers. The country is usually located on a plateau and there are high mountains within the eastern and western regions of the country.

8. Victoria Nyanza is the largest lake in Uganda. Victoria Nyanza is the largest tropical lake within the world and also the second-largest freshwater lake within the world!

9. Uganda is found within the Nile basin. The longest river that’s only flowing through Uganda is termed the Katonga River.

10. the best peak of Uganda is the Margherita Peak of Mount Stanley within the Ruwenzori Mountains with 5,109 m/ 16,762 ft.

11. The Murchison Waterfalls on the Victoria Nile are among the most important waterfalls in Africa by water volume. they’re up to 43 m/ 141 ft tall.

14. Uganda is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon/USA inland area or slightly smaller than the UK.

12. The official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili, while Luganda, also observed as Ganda, is spoken widely. Until 2005, English was the sole official language in Uganda!

13. Collectively of the poorest countries within the world, most of the people live from farming or add the agricultural sector. About 70% of the land is employed for agriculture.

14. Most Ugandans sleep in the central and southern parts of the country mainly together with Victoria Nyanza and Lake Albert. Only 25% of the people sleep in urban areas. Uganda’s north and northeast regions are the smallest amounts developed.

15. Many Ugandans also live abroad, mainly within the USA and also in the UK. Thus Uganda is one in every one of the African countries sending the foremost remittances back to their home country.