How to travel and still make money online

How to travel and still make money online

I have been traveling since I become a digital nomad. So what is a digital nomad? This is a person who makes use of technology, particularly the internet to make money online and can work practically anywhere in the world (so long as you’ve got a WIFI).

Every digital nomad took different paths to eventually become one. My path is a little different. Since the BPO industry had been introduced, a lot of job opportunities had opened especially for people skilled in the computing industry and customer service.

With these skills and my ability to find the right places to get the right clients, I have become a remote worker doing various jobs from data entry, digital marketing, graphic design, and content writing.

I want to become a digital nomad and start traveling, where do I start?

passportYou can travel while doing work online. You can plan your travel ahead while making money online.

Where do you start? You can do this by assessing your skills. What can you do that can make you a digital nomad? Can you write, can you do graphic design, are you familiar with SEO? Are you a native English speaker? Are you well skilled in computers? All of these questions are vital in order to reward you with an online job.

Don’t have the skills? If you don’t have these set skills, you can enroll yourself in the right course (which you can also take online). Do your research. A very helpful site is They’ve got a varied list of course that you can enroll in particular programs to help you get started.

Your next step is to find the right places to get the right job. The most popular place to find a remote work is, formerly They’ve got a variety of freelance work that you can match your skills to. An important tip is to create a very good profile so that employers can find you easily based on your skills.

Being a digital nomad allows you to travel to places

There are lots of benefits to becoming a digital nomad and one of them is the opportunity to travel without sacrificing your work. I have been to Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand without really sacrificing my job. I can work in the park, in the hotel room, in the cafeteria, and still, take time to discover new things in a new place. How great is that?

Working online will require you to budget your time wisely so that you are able to deliver quality work. You can work in the evening and go site seeing in the morning, or the other way around.

Discipline is also a requirement to become effective in what you do. You will have to say no to distractions while you are completing your task. This is important because distractions will cause delays.

Do not take more jobs than you can handle. Accept one project at a time. This means that when you have committed to one project. Finish it before accepting a new one. While multitasking is a great skill, it can lead you nowhere and lose clients if it goes way out of hand.

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