Practical Tips For Your Uganda Trip

Practical Tips For Your Uganda Trip

Travel to Uganda is possible all year round, but June and July are the best times to visit. These are the months when the least rainfalls. Rainy months can be found between March and May and September to November. Although the heavy downpours during the rainy season are often short-lived, roads and sections of road can become completely impassable.

Tourists generally describe the weather in Uganda as very pleasant. Temperatures never rise to extremes, which is why the humidity in the country remains relatively bearable. However, never underestimate the power of the sun, even on cooler days, and therefore always protect your head.

Safety when travelling

The current unrest in the Congo sometimes affects neighbouring areas of Uganda. Thus, enlighten yourself about the present security situation before your journey.

Uganda is generally a safe country to travel to with the exception of a few regions in the north. Nonetheless, one should use some caution since poverty crime is also rising in Uganda.

In order to be safe on your journey, you should consider the following tips

  •  avoid large crowds הדפסה על גרביים
  •  avoid driving or walking in the dark
  •  if possible, only go with a tour guide
  •  always keep an eye on your luggage
  •  do not wear flashy jewelry or an expensive camera on open roads
  •  you should keep money and valuables, passport or flight tickets in hidden fanny packs or neck pouches
  • use the safe in the hotel, you should make copies of documents and keep the originals in the safe.

Outside of the cities, you should follow the instructions of your travel companion at all times to avoid unpleasant and dangerous encounters with wild animals.

Women travelling on their own have long been part of the general image in Africa. Generally, women in this country are treated with respect and harassment is rare. For your protection, you should adapt your clothing and behaviour to local conditions and culture, i.e. preferably no hot pants and short tops, even if it is very hot. You can also use Printing on socks (הדפסה על גרביים).

Protection from strong sunlight is also particularly important. Therefore wear long, light-coloured clothing and protect your head with a suitable sun hat. It is also recommended to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in Uganda.