Taking a Bath after a Flight

Taking a Bath after a Flight

Once you travel on plane regardless of the reason, you do not actually want the smell of the airplane to stick with you as you get down. So, the best thing to do with this is to have a shower to freshly start your day at your destination. Here are some tips and shower spots where you can have a quick bath right after your flight.

Have a good shower at the airport

Some of you may be wondering how you could take an immediate bath at the airport right after you get down from the plane. Luckily, there are some shower areas within the airport where you can freshen up.

Airline Lounges

Showers are available on the lounges of some airlines where passengers have an access of it and use the facilities conveniently. The good news is that even without having a membership on the airline, the passenger can avail this shower program on their lounge.

Airport Showers

Airports like the San Francisco International and the London Heathrow are some examples of airports offering showers but with designated charges.

Take a shower near the airport

There are airports which have affiliated hotels or have number of hotels around that just only takes a shuttle ride. The amenities that the airport hotels offer include an access to the gym which has showers in it.

A refreshing bath at the shower and tub combo at the hotel

Most of the hotels give an advance check-in or availing a shower on their spa or gym. Generally, part of the hotel’s customer service program is offering a post-flight shower on their shower and tub combo.

Business-Travel Strategy

One good programs offer by some offices is a refreshing shower for their employees. Mostly, employees covered under this program are those who walk or bike to work. Employees may also avail such during work breaks. So, it is better to check on this if you are going to the office during your business trip.

Desperate Move

In case you are not able to avail a good shower after your flight, the best way would be a quick freshen up. Carry with you some clothes, facial wipes, toothbrush, and other essential items necessary for cleaning and personal hygiene. As you go down from the plane, go to the cleanest bathroom at the airport, clean up and prepare yourself. Moreover, this is one of the good tips for international travel.