Travelling to the Kingdom of Birds

Travelling to the Kingdom of Birds


A Kingdom of Birds, Uganda hosts over 1000 bird species and rarities with half of those species known across the world, and more than 10 percent of these on record on the continent. To get a birding safari, Uganda is the ideal destination.The nation found in the Albertine area also is located on the Northern beaches of Lake Victoria-the origin of the White Nile, and the nation is very abundant with parks, wildlife, rivers and lakes, Mountain ranges parks plus a trendy attractive countryside.

Uganda enjoys a tropical climate with wet seasons extending since birds breed during the season out of April-May and October-November, and it will be a condition for bird presence. City and suburb species incorporate the Bat Hawk the African Hobby, cooper sunbirds faced scops owl Nightjar and more species.

Species of Birds in Uganda

Grey species, roller, vultures, African fish eagle, Hadada ibis, shikra, Angola consume warbler tail eagle, palmnut and glorious starling. Uganda location, Transitional into the rainforests and the African savannah has been along with the elevation and number of terrain types give an selection of opportunities for birders. The very best birding areas in Uganda include: Bwindi impenetrable woods for Albertine rift endemics such as the black bee-eater along with African Green Broadbill, Murchison falls National Park for savannah pros including the Shoebill, Abyssinian ground hornbill, along with Red throated bee-eater, Kibale forest such as its green breasted pitta, amazing blue Turaco. Queen Elizabeth National Park customs about 600 species Temminck’s Courser, such as the American Dove.

Mabamba Swamp for the Shoebill stork, Budongo forest for its crested Turaco, shinning Semliki National Park for crested species, also Blue Kingfisher. Rwenzori Mountains with bird species, Lake Mburo to get Bigodi and papyrus Gonelek wetland refuge for white spotted crake the Dark billed Turaco and a lot vibrant bird species.

A number of a lot and habitats of superb Birds create a trip to Uganda a necessity. This birding promotes of a bird list of over 1000 bird species, with a few being EastAfrica and most sought after critters, and also species endangered. Uganda harbours concentration of Birds and the number, Primates such as chimpanzees and wildlife, lakes and rivers Mountain ranges, landscape and parks. A fantastic infrastructure and improve the experience and an assortment of tasks like game fishing, Gorilla monitoring and white water rafting create Uganda a destination.