Why Video Games are Good for You

Why Video Games are Good for You

Think it not, the scientific study affirms video games are good for you (video games are sports, after all). In reality, many studies which we will get to in another encourage the findings. It is difficult to wrap your mind around such truth after years of listening to “do not sit too near the TV, you will ruin your eyes,” or even”quit wasting your time playing video games – go outside!”

But real research from credible resources has proven that a whole lot of exactly what makes video games interesting, can also be great for your health–both to the mind and the human body.

They Exercise the Mind

To begin, recent research conducted by several noted scientific and research associations have shown that playing video games might help enhance the quality of life for the handicapped and mentally ill. Kindly check this page to download the game you will surely enjoy during your free time.

The research discovered that playing video raises gray matter essentially, how big your mind and helps boost learned and hardwired abilities. In layman’s terms, playing with video games straight impacts and affects regions of their brain responsible for memory, spatial orientation, data associations, and fine motor abilities.

The analysis also strengthens the promise that, for example, exercise, playing games for as few as 30 minutes each day, can enhance your life.

Video Game Brain Study Specifics

To ascertain how video games affect the mind, scientists have chosen two types of adults. The initial group would play Super Mario 64 for half an hour per day, for two months. The second group didn’t perform any video games in any way. Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the size of their minds of those groups before the onset of the research, then again following the two months.

The results confirmed previous findings that there have been differences in the brain structure of video players, which by playing with video games, there was a “direct connection between video gaming along with volumetric brain growth.

How About Brain Games?

If an action game such as Super Mario 64 signals favorable rewards for gamers, games constructed especially to train, test, and battle the mind must be beneficial also, right?

Well, since their debut in the early 2000’s, logic games or even mind games have experienced a love/hate connection with the scientific community, largely due to the asserts video game publishers have left about these names.

For example, such asserts tout that, for only a couple of minutes daily, you can train your mind utilizing video games, and sometimes, these games can make you smarter.

They assist with real-world problem solving

Games may also teach problem solving and approach, which makes them invaluable tools for children and teens. For example, Minecraft provides a lot of educational advantages, such as teaching children how to use things to research surroundings and resolve issues, while games such as Civilization and SimCity teach problem-solving a more “international” level. (View our whole listing of video games for

They exercise the entire body

How else are video games good for you? While they could “create your mind larger,” they could also assist you to shrink the waist, such as yours. Exergames such as the Wii Fit have experienced a massive resurgence in the past ten years thanks to companies like Nintendo and Konami. How? Load up a session of Dance Dance Revolution and stomp a dance pattern –or even better, plug into a Wii Fit and you will see exactly what we are referring to.

Exergames and physical fitness movie games also have revolutionized exercising in amazingly favorable manners. Truly, it is the convenience that makes these games so attractive, as they offer you a simple means to “get into the gym” without going to the gym. And for children and parents with hectic schedules, these games offer a fast means to get in half an hour of exercise and activity.