A Glimpse at the Phenomenal Rise of eSports in East Africa

A Glimpse at the Phenomenal Rise of eSports in East Africa

eSports has definitely arrived as a growing industry not only in North America and Europe but also in Africa and other parts of the world. The video gaming esports industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, the Pro League competition is set to expand to 10 teams in North America and Europe, by the year 2020.


eSports is said to be one of the biggest things to ever happen in the tech industry as it has been commanding enormous spectatorship. Yet what exactly is eSports?

Similar to non-digital sports competitions, eSports engage multiple professional players as members of a team that will qualify to compete in an organized multiplayer battle arena game (MOBA). Tournament sponsors are critical to the success of eSports battles because that would mean greater prizes, higher production values and better broadcasts worldwide.

The top three (3) most anticipated annual eSports events include

BlizzCon – Part of Blizzard Entertainment’s promotional platform for its major franchises, namely: Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes of the Stone, Hearthstone and Overwatch,

Capcom Cup.and the Capcom Pro Tour – Annual tournaments featuring the latest title of the gaming company’s flagship video game, the “Streetfighter.

Fortnite World Cup by Epic Games for the Fortnite video game.

eSports in Uganda

In Uganda, eSports gaming took awhile before video game players experienced the thrills of competing in tournaments. There was a time when Ugandan online gamers experienced delays of 600 milliseconds or higher because the East African region had no server of its own; relying mainly on satellites for connection to gaming servers located in other continents.

Nonetheless, a multi-player gaming community in Uganda known as GamersNights made gaming events possible. GamersNights brought together video game enthusiasts by hosting the region’s very first game server. Its initial venture into game server hosting was through a private hospital network located in Uganda. Eventually in 2012 onward,

GamersNights drove the development of Internet infrastructure further, when it partnered with Liquid Telecom, which was then looking to expand its fibre-optic network in the region.

The rest is history, as the GamersNights servers made it possible for players coming from other African countries to compete. The Nairobi Comic Convention (Naiccon), which hosts annual game tournaments, uses the GamesNights servers.

Why Rainbow Six Siege is Popular in Uganda

The Rainbow Six Siege is a popular choice among Ugandan video gamers because its counter-terrorist theme is quite close to home. In fact, “Rogue Spear: Black Thorn, ”a single player plot created as a stand-alone add-on to Ubisoft’s 2001 R6 Siege, includes re-enactment of a real-life terrorist attack in Uganda known as “Operation Entebbe.”

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