How to Enjoy Uganda and Stay Safe During Your Stay


How to Enjoy Uganda and Stay Safe During Your Stay

Uganda is Africa’s most friendly place. Using the below information your visit to Uganda should be a safe and memorable one.


Its increased height tempers Uganda’s equatorial climate. In the Lake Victoria area as well as western Uganda it may rain at just about any period of the season.

Generally Uganda’s current weather conditions are unknown while you will get showers also within the dry season. Thus you have to seek advice from the current weather prediction nearly every 5 hours.

Public Transport

Buses work on cross country paths and therefore are a cheaper and better method to travel. Often Coach companies adhere firmly to detailed starting times in the coach park, therefore you shouldn’t be late.

Matatus just leave in the terminus when complete. Mini-buses are good for short trips.

Public transport in Uganda is much better nowadays due to the supply of speed governors and seatbelts.

Matatus could be boarded from New Taxi Park and the Aged cab Park in Kampala or across the road. Taxis are crucial when you missed the final Matatu or have lots of baggage. You can agree with the cost before departure. In small cities, scooter taxis and bikes are typical. Where public transport is rare these could be helpful for vacation. Many transportation costs have been in Uganda shilling.

Traveling Safely

backsideIt’s usually recommended at hand inside extra cash, tourist’s check, your passport and every other valuables at hotel reception tables for putting within their secure protection.

Instead, where available, organize to employ a security deposit box. It’s a wise precaution to not go alone in beach areas or remote roads. If you should be having a package holiday company request guidance from your own hotel manager or visit consultant.

Call 999(tollfree) if in severe risk to inform law enforcement.

Restaurant Tips

Tipping isn’t regular training at restaurants and nearby hotels, however it will be appreciated. It’s typical to tip 5-10% at visitor-oriented restaurants. Individuals and instructions must always be expected.

Drink and Food

Visitor-oriented accommodations and restaurants provide great American-style foods, while a broader variety obtainable in some larger cities and the main city. Nearby restaurants provide Ugandan meals, usually ugali (a hard maize porridge) or matooke (grilled strawberry) consumed with a stew.


English is the administrative and established language spoken in Uganda though Swahili and Luganda are generally spoken.

You’ll need some fundamentals in Luganda. Uganda is a place comprised of more than 50 tribes which the biggest party may be the Baganda, accompanied by Basoga after which others follow. The folks are extremely inviting which food is related to the value that individuals have for that other tribes.

When to Go To

Uganda could be visited anytime, although gorilla tracking mountain walks along with other forest walks are far more difficult to May to March and November throughout the rains, which usually top over middle-September.

Clothing Itinerary

Day-time conditions are usually comfortable to warm, thus provide plenty of light clothing. Therefore bring a few light sweaters nights are cooler, particularly at high altitudes.

People who plan to walk about the hills may come in contact with alpine conditions and may pack. Durable clothing and strong walking shoes are well suited for forest walks. Do not forget to create shades, a cap along with a water proof jacket.

To help make the all of national parks and the game supplies, bring field guides and binoculars. Creating and printing picture will come in Kampala. Other necessities and toiletries can be purchased within the cities.

Operating Vehicles

Driving is on the left side. Guests without skilled of African roads are recommended to arrange an automobile having a driver in the place of self drive.