How to relieve sciatica when traveling?

How to relieve sciatica when traveling?

When traveling to any place and experience sudden pain in your back due to sciatica, this can be so uncomfortable and inconvenient. Nonetheless, there are certain procedures, little tips that can help you relieve the pain. In this post, Dr. Berk explains how to relieve the pain caused by sciatica, comment soulager une sciatique.

A lot of times, the way many people treat sciatica is completely backward. If you apply the guide here it would be amazing. The only thing is that you need some help to do this which shouldn’t be a problem if you are traveling with a buddy.

If the person is experiencing sciatic pain on the right side. 

You have to realize that sciatic nerve comes from the point right through the butt to the back of leg down to the back of your foot. see image below. If you have pain through the outer side of your leg, that’s not sciatica.

If you have sciatica on the right back leg, you want to work on the back side of your left leg. Look for the sciatic notch of your left leg and start pressing at that point and trace down the nerve while pressing down. Trace the nerve slowly while you press and trace to the back of your ankles. What you are actually doing is to stimulate the nerve on the opposite side. This action will relieve the pain on the right leg.

Watch the video below for the demonstration. 

So how does it connect relieving the right leg when you are working on the left leg? The nerve connected like a circuit. The pain in your right side is a stock standing wave and the way to get rid of the pain is to work on the other side.

The key is to never work directly where the pain is. Work on the opposite side of it instead. The left side will have become tender, continue working on it by pressing and tracing the nerves and inching down slowly.