The magnificent and diverse color, vegetation, and wildlife of Uganda so inspired statesmen that he nicknamed this East African country “the pearl of Africa,” a reputation that has stuck ever since. Particularly, it’s invested resources into developing its wealth of national parks, largely aimed toward the repopulation of wildlife and also the conscious development of infrastructure to assist make its vast wilderness accessible.

Although the geographical area is thought of for its expensive high-end lodges and activities, Uganda is more cost-effective than a number of its neighbors. The Uganda visa is affordable and simple to urge too! During this post, I would like to share that love for the country and facilitate your travel to Uganda on a budget!

How to economize on Accommodation
Hostels – There are only a few hostels in Uganda, mostly in Kampala.

Guesthouses – Guesthouses can vary widely in cost. If you don’t book before and are stopping through a tiny low town for the night, you’ll easily find very simple guesthouses for a lot less, approximately $10 USD/night. Water and electricity will often be unreliable during this kind of accommodation, however.

  • Camping – Camping could be a great option within the regions surrounding the national parks, like Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth, though prices will vary by location.
  • Eco-lodges – Budget-consciousness is perhaps not what you’ve got in mind once you think “eco-lodge,” given the trend toward fancy eco-friendly safari lodges in geographical regions. However, lodges and safari camps are a prominent sort of accommodation within the national parks, and not all of them should break the bank! There are some within your means ones that also may be a pleasant splurge on a budget holiday. They will cost around $100 USD per night and frequently include three meals on a daily basis moreover, reducing other daily costs.