Kibale National Park is found in the areas of Kamwenge and Kabarole by street, west of Kampala, Uganda’s money and largest city. Fort Site in Kabarole District may be the closest big town towards the national park.

The Chimpanzee Habituation Encounter isn’t for that light of heart — you’re down before dawn breaks within the forest and this means an earlier breakfast — a packed lunch. You meet your manual and you’re down to where the chimpanzees constructed nests before. Beginning is simply breaking as well as the chimpanzee group you’re likely to be using the remaining evening is increasing from their rest in the nests.
Nevertheless, you are here for that Chimpanzee Habituation Encounter — which involves obtaining the chimpanzees towards the existence of people (to get rid of worries of people in the team), a procedure that occupies to two decades — now you’re a part of that method by your all day long existence within the forest.