My Uganda Visit – The Gorilla Trek

My Uganda Visit – The Gorilla Trek

25 years from the very first Ugandan gorillas commenced bringing in visitors, I set foot to a primate safari tour via the East African country. I discovered there’s more to just visiting the wild and much to experience and fondness to bring home.

A growl woke me up startled early in the morning, however relieved to find out it is not a silverback making the noise but an espresso machine whirring to prepare morning coffee. Coffee seems to be a habit of most of the people I bumped to recently in Uganda.

I am residing at Bwindi Lodge. Unlike my accommodation in Norfolk Island with all the luxuries, the room is decent enough for one person. It has clean bathrooms and a soft bed with clean sheets. From the window of the room I occupied, I can see and touch the spindles of the trees. I could practically inhale the smell of the wild. It’s somehow refreshing but at the same time sends back chills to my back.

Taking The Gorilla Trek

The landscape in Uganda carries a track record for being difficult, but my experience with our trek that took an hour and 30mins was amazingly manageable. We were able to keep up. The site of the gorillas gnawing on bamboo sticks or diligently grooming each other, hanging out with the gorillas during the trek is precious.

Pursuing chimps is in fact gratifying, however it can also be hard work. Chimps can’t stay in one place. They are always moving around and at a certain pace. It is equally as exciting as Gorilla trekking. But these experience is a little expensive but worth every dime once you are one with nature, trekking little chimps and large gorillas.

A lot of travellers come to Uganda seeking for a safari somewhere else. However along with gorillas, the country also offers a huge population of healthy big cats. While it’s true, you’ll find it difficult to find predator cats in the thick and thorny bush, the crowd-free drives throughout the park really are a pleasure.

The real pleasure of Uganda is beyond the wildlife acts. Uganda can offer more with a grand place and folks we ought to all get acquainted with.