Places to Visit in Uganda When Doing Volunteer Activities

Places to Visit in Uganda When Doing Volunteer Activities


Uganda, a landlocked East African nation that’s often called’The Pearl of Africa’, is an ideal and among the most favored volunteering destinations. Taking into consideration the fact that Uganda is among the weakest and least developed nations in the world, there’s a dire need for volunteers in specific areas of the nation.

Volunteers can efficiently contribute to the well-being of those — being a medical volunteer, instruct and caress the children, or become actively engaged in community welfare projects.

A volunteering trip to Uganda are a very different experience — it will provide you a opportunity to check into the lifestyles of the natives too, aside from exploring the gorgeous country with some of the very best national parks on the planet. Volunteering Solutions includes a predetermined schedule for the weekdays that the participants will need to follow, so as to execute the project function in the dedicated method.

However, the evenings are free and that is when you’re able to go and see the stunning destinations of Uganda.

Certainly, your volunteering projects are going to be in and around Kampala, and you will have ample time to go to the regional restaurants and markets throughout the weekday evenings too. However, on weekends, you are able to go out and learn more about the town correctly.

Seek support from your hosts or the nation coordinator whilst planning out your day. The downtown area of Kampala city provides a large number of cultural and historical attractions which you may explore.

Kasubi Tombs

Go to the Kasubi Tombs that can also be considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These tombs function as a burial ground for a number of the sins of Uganda. If you want to know more about cooking courses for conventional Ugandan foods, traditional dance courses, and so on, then you have to stop by the Ndere Centre, that’s the cultural hub in Kampala. Have a tour of this Ugandan Museum to find out more about the nation’s past.

Bwindi National Park

An early volcano in the southwestern portion of Uganda, Bwindi National Park is popularly termed as’an impenetrable forest’ because of its depth and the steep rough paths which frequently make it an adventurous walk. This region, shielded by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), has almost 400 mountain gorillas, which will be half the planet’s remaining mountain gorillas, that feed on leaves, roots, and fruits as well as the ferns.

You will surely get to see a few gorillas, besides different creatures, birds, and butterflies. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the environmental uniqueness and natural beauty, no visit to Uganda could be complete without seeing Bwindi National Park.

Kibale National Park

Situated in southern Uganda, this park includes one of the loveliest and most diverse tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. Here, you will have a opportunity to see among the world’s most amazing species of wild chimpanzee packs and then place them through the undergrowth and controlling the canopies.

The freshness of this woods trail is something which can not be put to words. Aside from the chimpanzees, you will also have to see several different species of monkeys that are curious, peeping out of here and there! Even the Kibale National Park creates a continuous forest together with all the Queen Elizabeth National Park, with among the most unique wildlife corridors on earth.

Mountain Ranges in Africa

If you’re an experience junkie and possess an innate love for the hills — then you simply can not miss going to get a trek into the Rwenzori Mountains, that makes a boundary between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a World Heritage Site that provides the chance to view nature at its very best. Trekking the mysterious Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda will be a truly incredible experience with all the miracle of the large tropical glaciers, the attractiveness of the valley of 9 lakes, a history of rocky cliffs, crags and snow capped peaks.

Equator Point

The imaginary line that divides the Earth into two hemispheres seemingly passes through Uganda, and it is among the hottest tourist places! Everybody visiting Kampala belongs to Kayabwe at Mpigi District to Receive their photographs clicked in the Equator Point. Another reason to see the Equator Point would be the excellent shopping deals. There are lots of craft stores and art galleries that sell souvenirs and handmade goods about the Equator. Undoubtedly, this area is contributing a great deal to improve Ugandan tourism.

Aside from the above-mentioned ones, other places which you can see, such as Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Lake Bunyonyi, Ssese Islands and even more.

All you will need is to earn a correct plan so you can see as many areas as possible. It may be a tricky undertaking to cover all of it, since there’s a lot to be researched — we’d recommend you to select those that bring one of the most, and do it!