Uganda as the friendliest country

Uganda as the friendliest country


The friendliness is set by how expatriates are welcomed or received and this has helped to integrate expatriates into the Ugandan community.
Uganda has been described because of the friendliest country globally following a survey conducted among expatriates globally, in keeping with the BBC.

In recent months, a worldwide community network (Inter-Nations) conducted their annual Expat Insider survey of quite 14,000 ex-pats from 191 countries, asking residents to rate a variety of aspects of life abroad, including how easy it had been to settle in, a country’s friendliness and easy making friends.

As expatriates calm down, finding new friends can ease the customarily overwhelming task of adjusting to a replacement life abroad. “This geographical region country received the very best marks for friendliness,” consistent with BBC’s report.

Government officials excited
He said this can be a reminder for Ugandans who don’t appreciate their country. “BBC listing may be a good thing,” said Kamuntu, adding that Uganda is gorgeous with the friendliest people but Ugandans don’t appreciate it. “If you’ll imagine what Uganda has or how other countries are deprived then you appreciate your country.” Kamuntu waved a replica of the BBC report highlighting Uganda because the friendliest country globally as he addressed a news conference at the Media Center in Kampala. He also Uganda came fifth among African countries at the ITB Berlin exhibition.

Not only that, not one respondent ranked this factor negatively.” “Welcoming all nationalities is an intrinsic a part of the culture, and residents are quick to supply smiles to newcomers,” per Charlotte Beauvoisin who was quoted by BCC.

Charlotte Beauvoisin, a British ex-pat who writes about living within the capital Kampala in Diary of a Muzungu. The BBC also realized the InterNations Ambassador Nadya Mileva, originally from Bulgaria and now living in Kampala, agrees, saying that the people are ‘amazingly friendly. “The country includes a lot to supply, from breathtaking landscapes to high-end restaurants and bars to year-round summer,” she added.

Tourists coming to Uganda
Kamuntu said the country has about 1.3m annually and this can be expected to extend to 4m by 2020. He also said more earnings are expected from tourism so as to remodel the economy.

Edwin Muzahura, the Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) also attended noting there are increased inquiries from tour operators who want to go to Uganda sooner than their clients. He said Uganda has contracted three public Relation firm in Germany, the UK, and the US. Germany contributes the majority of foreign tourists to Uganda.

The friendliness is set by how expatriates are welcomed or received and this has helped to integrate expatriates into the Ugandan community.