Baseball And Softball In Uganda

Baseball And Softball In Uganda

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The Initiative of the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association

Baseball and softball are played around the globe, and they have their own ways of showing how they support the sport. In December 2012, Mr. Owora Deusdedit, General Secretary of the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association signed a grant contract with the Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, H.E. Kazuo Minagawa, at the Embassy of Japan.

The grant contract amounting to US$ 122,175 was for the construction of a Baseball and Softball field, a project by the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association. Founded in 1989, the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association is under the national council of sports. The organization has been engaged and active in contributing to and supporting the society through various activities that promote baseball and softball in Uganda.

There are 460 secondary and primary schools in Uganda wherein baseball as well as softball are practiced and regarded as extra-curricular activities. Moreover, over 400 youth were registered as full-time baseball/softball players in 6 regions with club teams. While there are more than 6,500 baseball players, they practice and play in grounds/fields that aren’t fit for baseball or softball.

Because of these conditions and the limited area for practice as well as for official games, many of the young people have given up or stopped playing the sports. In 2014, Uganda Baseball and Softball Association’s project was completed and a historic new field for baseball and softball is now open. It is Uganda’s first full-size field for baseball and softball where more than 20,000 baseball players as well softball players now enjoy the sports. This is certainly a unique contribution and an incredible show of support for the love of the sport, of the players as, and of the bettering physical education in Uganda.