Know Your Vaping Etiquette When Traveling

Know Your Vaping Etiquette When Traveling

Travel often entails numerous distinct places and scenarios where you may be confused about specific rules on vaping. We’ve put together a quick summary for travelers so you know where you stand with regards to vaping on your next trip.

Research about the country of your destination. Just about every nation has distinct vaping regulations and practices. Prior to travel, we suggest that you do a little research to determine what your country of destination has on vaping laws. Understanding their laws prior to travel prepares you so that you will not go against it.

Vaping at the airport.

Virtually all commercial airplanes strictly ban vaping. Interestingly, there are a few airports that have a specified vaping and smoking areas. When packing your vaping device, the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) strictly implements guidelines on how to pack your device at checked luggage. Make sure that your device is completely turned off and to make sure that it is not prone to accidental activation. The device has to be in a separate bag away from flammable materials which include perfumes.

Important: The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) totally banned transport of vaping devices in checked in luggage. This is true in 191 countries that follow the ICAO guidelines in their flight regulations.

To make sure you are safely following the EASA and ICAO guidelines, your device should be in your hand luggage. Still, make sure that it is packed separately away from flammable products and that it is totally turned off and packed in a way that it is not going to accidentally turn off. For better security, you would rather take off its batteries. Also, you vaping liquids such as vape juice United Kingdom should be declared as liquids when going through security.

Vaping in public transportation.

It is best to assume that while the transportation is on the move, you are not allowed to vape regardless if you are traveling via a bus, a coach or a train. Much like airport terminals, train and bus stations have designated areas for vaping and smoking.

Vaping on Road Trips.

When riding a car that’s not your ownership (this includes taxis), it is best to ask the driver first if it is okay to vape. Many people responded in a survey that they are not happy at all for people vaping in their vehicle without permission.

Vaping on Hotel Rooms.

Some hotels strictly do not allow smoking and vaping inside the rooms and thus there are designated smoking and vaping areas. While not all hotels follow the same rule, it is always best to ask before you go ahead and vape.

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Note that vaping is completely not allowed in certain countries like the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Jordan, Cambodia, and Argentina. So if you are traveling to any of these places, there is a risk that your vaping device is confiscated by the customs upon arrival. Obviously, regulations can change over time so it is recommended to check these laws before your planned departure.