Safety when traveling in Uganda

Safety when traveling in Uganda

Due to unrest and conflicts in neighboring countries, the immediate border regions to South Sudan, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – with the exception of the national parks – should be avoided when traveling to Uganda. It is advisable to avoid large gatherings of people, to exercise caution in public places and to avoid driving at night. However, the larger roads in the center of Kampala and the path between Kampala are quite safe and Entebbe airport. Due to stricter security measures, it is advisable to arrive at the airport three hours before departure. If you are a gamer traveling to Uganda then check steamworks common redistributables.

Practical tips for your Uganda group or private trip

A special highlight for every Uganda traveler is without a doubt a visit to the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest. Here you can experience the wonderful gorillas up close. In addition to the famous gorillas that are native to the rainforest, Uganda offers snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, beautiful lakes and rivers.

Due to the moderate climate, trips to Uganda are possible all year round, but June and July are optimal for a visit, as these months have the least amount of rain. Rainy months can be found between March and May and September to November. Although the heavy rain showers during the rainy season are often short-lived, roads and road sections can become completely impassable. The weather in Uganda is generally described by tourists as very pleasant. The temperatures never rise to extremes, which is why the humidity in the country remains relatively bearable.

Travel security

The current unrest in the Congo sometimes has an impact on the neighboring areas of Uganda. Therefore, please inform yourself about the current security situation before your trip.

Uganda is – with the exception of a few areas in the north – a country that is generally safe to travel to. Nevertheless, one should exercise some caution because poverty crime is also increasing in Uganda.

Outside of the cities, you should always follow the instructions of your travel guide to avoid unpleasant and dangerous encounters with wild animals.

Women traveling alone have long been part of the general picture in Africa. Although women in Uganda are generally treated with respect and harassment is rare, you should adapt your clothing and behavior to local circumstances and culture in order to protect yourself is.