Travelling to Uganda is an Experience

Travelling to Uganda is an Experience

Anyone who wishes to visit and explore Africa, especially for first-timers need to be careful in what they’ll do. It is far from your standard trips. Even though all it needs is a bit of planning, visiting and seeing the place firsthand is a lifetime experience. While most travelers are visiting the country for its trekking experience, majority of us still have an image of the place to be unsafe.

Well guess what, every country has its flaws and imperfections. And hostilities are inevitable. But this does not need the travel experience to be hard. This is particularly true that Uganda’s tourism keeps growing and more and more investors are coming in. Just like when reading Cinderella Solution review for your preparation to have a good physique in visiting this place, reading reviews of those who’ve been here will give you great insights.

Visiting Uganda

Nearly all countries are requiring a visa before visiting Uganda. It could be bought online via the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration. It’s the only source for original and authentic Uganda visa and it only costs 50 dollars.

As much as possible, steer clear of fraud portals wherein you have to pay more than the said amount.

Visa on Arrival

Still, there’s the opportunity to acquire visa upon your arrival but E-visas are to be replaced on your arrival. So it is recommended to buy it online, which is more convenient.

Safety First

First things first, you should get shots to go to Uganda. This is due to the reason that without the Yellow Fever vaccination certification, good luck obtaining a visa.

Aside from that, it is recommended to get vaccines for Hepatitis A, Malaria and DTP. There are also organizations that might advice you in taking Cholera, Typhoid, Rabies, and Hepatitis B.

Generally speaking, Uganda is deemed to be a safe country. However, it is recommended to avoid travelling by road outside the major towns, especially at night. Additionally, it is best if you will avoid South Sudan border region as well as the Karamoja in far north. On the other hand, it is completely safe to roam around Kidepo Valley National park which is close to the South Sudan border.